The Outdoor school at deanswood equestrian riding school braintree

£35 per month
Annual subscription fee £28
1 Saturday per month

9am to 12pm
Learn horsemanship
Earn achievement badges
Riding & competitions included

Application forms from
Deanswood Equestrian Centre,
Cressing Park, Braintree Road,
Cressing, CM77 8JB
Or call Sarah for application form to be sent in post,

01376 560522 or 07841978764


• To encourage young people to ride and learn about horses and horse sports

• To give instruction in riding and horsemanship.

• To educate members to take proper care of their animals.

• To promote high ideals of sportsmanship, loyalty and citizenship, cultivating strength of character and self discipline.

Fun and learning
Insurance is included

Further info:
Anyone under 25 can join
Badges for achievements 
Learning & Tests

Members are encouraged to take an interest in their work and improve their knowledge by working towards their pony club standards of efficiency tests, of which there are eight beginning with the E test and culminating with the prestigious A test.

There is also the opportunity to work towards road safety, progressive test, Achievements badges and the coaching certificate. Pony club  test provide excellent grounding for those wanting to take up a career in the equestrianism.

Camp Nights!

Deanswood hold camp nights through the summer months for group 3 and 4 pony clubbers, this is held on the night before their pony club group. Check the Events page for upcoming camp nights.

Arriving 7-7.30pm, please have dinner before arrival but please feel free to bring midnight snacks! along sleeping bags/camping beds and torches.

Ready for Tack cleaning in evening.

Saturday morning 6am alarm with breakfast of cereal and toast ready for Muck out and Groom for judging of ‘Tack and Turnout’.

Prizes will be given to the winners. 

Only £15!